Predicting the future

Sustainable Buildings approached us when they were still a start-up. Their Mission is to provide buildings with an innovative and affordable cloud-based energy management system to accelerate their transition to sustainability. 

The logo is inspired by both nature and urban environments. The black stripes indicate steady growth of consumption while green stripes present energy-saving and green living. 

The colour scheme was chosen with the help of colour psychology. Green is the main colour and it represents nature, positivity, stability, balance and growth. Neutral colours are also chosen to associate with calmness and purity while portraying a serious company that is changing the world for better. 

Every measurable feature got its custom-designed icon.

We played with natural elements and recognizable 

energy-related symbols.

Effective and user-friendly energy management system, that had to be quickly readable and easily editable.

Sustainable Buildings

The Netherlands

Brand Identity, Digital Design, Dashboard UI, Website